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Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian coffees are rich and full bodied and have a range of flavour attributes that make it an absolute favourite for coffee lovers!

Colombian coffee accounts for around 8.6% of the world market but Colombians consume around 20% of the total coffee production (aka, they love their coffee). In fact over 2 million Colombians rely on coffee for their livelihoods, most of them working in farms or producing coffee beans themselves! 

What’s the big deal with Colombian Coffee?

The mountains of Colombia create an abundance of microclimates that bring out very unique qualities in their coffee varieties. In fact there are more than 900,000 hectares of farmland across 22 regions are used for growing coffee. All the coffee varieties are Arabica including Typica, Bourbon, Tabi, Catturra, Colombia, Maragogipe and Castillo all varying in flavour profile across the country.

Hula region, the coffee beans are grown upon mountain tops, making them fruity and high in acidity. This enhances the flavour and makes it complex and dense. In the northmost regions, Santander and Norte de Santander, alternatively, most of the coffee is grown under shade and at lower altitudes therefore producing a more earthier coffee that has less acidity.

Roasting Advice: 

Colombian coffee beans have a wide variety of flavour profiles because of the vastness of the growing regions. Almost every Colombian coffee tastes different! Generally, growing altitudes in Colombia are quite high and the beans tend to be fairly dense. Therefore, to achieve the same roast profile as beans with lower density, a higher charge temperature may be required. 

If you want to bring out more fruity and citrus flavours from Colombian coffee, a medium roast will likely do the trick and is usually the preference for roasting Colombian coffee. If you want to experience more of the caramel-sweetness and nutty richness of the beans, this will come out when it is roasted darker and makes a great espresso roast or base for a blend.

Coffee Questions

What coffee varieties are found in Colombia?

All of the coffee found in Colombia is Arabica including Typica and Bourbon. And they are usually washed. 

Of the Arabica coffee, the variety of species in Colombia are mainly Typica, Bourbon, Tabi, Catarra, Colombia, Maragogipe and Castillo. 

What Colombian Coffees does Brightside Coffee have?

Colombian coffee ranks 3rd in the world rankings of coffee producers, and we love it. We stock a variety of Colombian coffee and decaf varieties from Colombia and it is a staple in our blends.