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Doing the bright thing

One bag at a time

Coffee is getting more popular every day, but the excitement for the next best thing, the tastiest brew and the best beans is leaving the farmers behind. Brightside Coffee reckon’s the tables are due for a good turning.

Let’s do something about it!

37 million kilograms of coffee are consumed a year by Aussies. Admittedly, a fair amount of that is me, but as a nation of coffee lovers, we do numbers. Unfair pricing models, overly complex supply chains, climate change, and low wages are just a couple of the problems facing farmers.

ethical coffee

It’s fair to say something has got to change. For the sake of the farmers, and more selfishly, for the longevity of the coffee industry, we gotta fix it!

One bag at a time…

Hardworking coffee farmers are left with scraps, when all is said and done and the coffee is drunk. Every stop along the 10 or so stops of the supply chain takes a little slice of the action.

For everyone to make their cut, the prices paid to the farmers have to be so low, some farmers are turning away from coffee growing for more profitable locally sold crops. That’s enough of that! Brightside coffee is sourced with consideration to wellbeing and outcomes at origin.

Our promise

Every bag you buy is sourced from farmers that are paid a premium for their coffee, through sourcing partners we know and trust to do the right thing. Our coffees come direct from origin, through suppliers with families growing the coffee we love.

If fairer, more sustainable pricing is something you reckon you can get behind, then Do the Bright Thing, and we promise to continually hook you up with amazing, delicious coffees from incredible farmers from all around the world. The more coffee lovers we reach, the better the outcomes at origin for farmers.

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