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Educare Coffee is a non-profit collaborative project dedicated to improving the knowledge, financial outcomes and well-being of Brazil coffee producers.

In 2019, Nadia and Andre of Southland Merchants returned to Australia from an origin trip to Brazil, with a weighty obligation and conviction to improve the livelihoods of coffee producers in Brazil, and educate current and future generations on the broader view of the coffee industry and their role in it.

” Our vision is to bring more empowerment to producers through education. It means giving them conditions to have financial education to improve cost control and profitability. Data collection and analysis education to gather information about their property and plants, producing data for better decision making. It is giving them cup and taste education to uncover the universe of flavours we also share with roasters and consumers in Australia.” – Andre, Southland Merchants.

Educare was set up as an an above-and-beyond program in February 2021 , with the collaboration of a group of 14 women in the Mantiqueira de Minas region, in the southern part of Minas Gerais. The program has already been very successful, and funding raised so far have been used to hire an agronomist to help farmers better understand their crops and farms, and improve quality control and crop yields.

Brightside Coffee Co supports Educare through the sales of our coffee beans.

Where do Brightside and all the Brightside buddies come in?

All of our Brazil coffees are purchased with a $2 per KG premium on the green price ($2.35 roasted). The 2 bucks goes straight to Educare. Brightside is happy to cop the 2 bucks on the chin, if you are happy to drink amazing and unique specialty coffees that we source through Southland Merchants. Pretty good deal right?

When you buy Brightside Brazil coffees, you are having a tangible positive impact on social outcomes, environmental response and sustainability of the coffee supply chain. That’s pretty special.

Read more about it direct from the source: Educare: Why we believe in education for improving coffee farmers lives.

Educare Supporting Coffees