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It’s easy, tastes amazing and it’s great for making coffee for a few pals at a time.

"Ooo la la! It doesn't get more classy than a French-press downunder... can we say that?" - Matt Muhl, 2022

how to roast coffee at home

Here’s the Brightside quick brew guide for Plunger/French press coffee:

1 ) Boil the kettle. 

2 ) Remove the plunger from the brewing vessel, rinse the plunger and vessel with hot water.

3 ) Add 6 grams of medium ground coffee for every 100mls of boiling water you plan on adding. If you are making half a litre, add 30 grams of ground coffee. Remember, fresh coffee is best, and grinding fresh is the best way to get fresh coffee.

4 ) On a digital scale, add 500mls of fresh filtered water on top of your 30 grams of ground coffee. Make sure all the coffee is wet and there are no dry spots. If you don’t have a scale, use a pyrex measuring jug and only boil 500mls of water. 

5 ) Let the coffee brew for 4 mins.

6 ) Stir the crust with a spoon, mix it into the coffee. Use the spoon to scrape off the floaty bits and foam.

7 ) Take another 5 mins. Yep, It’s crazy right! French press coffee will taste better if you give it time to settle out and cool a bit in the brewer. Trust us!

8 ) Replace plunger into the coffee brewer, but don’t plunge it down to the bottom. Just let it sit at the level of the coffee surface so it still filters out the grinds but doesn’t completely mix up all the grinds you waited so patiently to settle out. 

Tip: Make sure you’re getting a clean and smooth coffee experience without all the floaty bits getting in the way, by scraping them away. Unless you like that kind of thing. 

how to roast coffee at home

Try brewing a blend through through the French Press...

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