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If you are wondering “what the heck a filter roast coffee is and why do I need it in my life”, you are not alone. Buying the right style of coffee for your serving style will definitely improve your coffee experience at home. If you are a fan of pourover or filter coffees, then this blog is for you!

Simply put, coffee that is roasted for longer is better suited to espresso style serving, and coffee that is roasted for less time is better suited to alternative brew methods like pourover and Aeropress. The specifics of the roast time and temperature are the “roast profile”.

So roast profiles, that sounds great! But why do different brew methods need different roast profiles? Well, to be honest, they don’t NEED them… You should brew coffee the way you want to brew it. You are, after all, the head barista of your household. But Brightside is all about unique coffee experiences and we reckon that coffee roasted for serving style is more fun and way more delicious.

Espresso coffee is roasted until the sweetness, body, and acidity are ideal for serving through a coffee machine. The syrupy goodness of espresso is all dissolved organic compounds, and roasting for longer and at a higher temperature creates more of them. Not all the compounds are as fun and delicious as they sound, so avoid darker roasted coffees if a more bitter coffee is not your cup of… tea? The short and quick extraction, high pressure, and high temperature of coffee machines is perfect for espresso roasted beans.

Filter coffee is roasted until the sweetness, body and acidity are ideal for a longer, slower extraction. Coffee roasted for alternative brew methods like pour over, or plunger needs to be brewed slower and gentler. There is usually no water pressure applied for the extraction phase and the extraction time is longer depending on the serving style.. If an origin roasted for espresso ends at 12 minutes, you could expect filter roasted coffees of the same origin to be roasted for 10 to 11 minutes.

So why bother?

Beyond saving a few minutes when we roast to free up time for colouring-in practice or ping pong, filter roasted coffees will have a brighter, fruitier and more floral flavour, with a clean finish.

Espresso coffees will have more body, a deeper and richer mouth feel with more caramelized toffee flavours. We are happy to work on our colouring-in skills in our own time if it means getting the coffee tasting exactly how our buddies want it. That’s just the cost of doing business.

Experience the difference in the judgement free comfort of your own home with a couple of bags of coffee from INSERT ORIGIN for $30. Experience filter and espresso roasted coffees from the same origin, and decide for yourself if it’s coffee roasted for serving style leads to a better experience. Check your inbox later on to see the roast profiles of each style, including a few handy notes on what Brightside looks for when roasting for serving style

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