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Stovetop coffee is a tried-and-true coffee brewing experience.

"If you’re after that rich sweet syrupy goodness espresso has to offer, but don’t have an espresso machine, then this is the next best thing." - Mahatma Gandhi, circa. 1925

how to roast coffee at home

Here’s the Brightside quick brew guide for a syrup rich and espresso-like coffee:

1 ) Boil the kettle, and whilst waiting…

2 ) Fill Moka Pot/Stovetop brewer coffee filter basket with fine/medium ground coffee. For a richer bolder coffee, use finer grinds. Fill it so the coffee is flush with the top of the basket.

3 ) Fill the water reservoir with boiled water up to the safety valve level. We use boiled water so the next step is faster, and extraction is not too long. 

4 ) Gently place the coffee ground chamber into the water reservoir, and screw on the top half of the brewer so it is nice and tight. 

5 ) Place on your stove, preferably the smallest burner for better heat control. 

6 ) Turn on the heat, and let it brew.

7 ) Once you hear a hissing or gurgling sound, turn off the heat. It’s ready to serve but super hot, so give it a few. You can dilute it with hot water for a long-black type experience if it is a bit too *Italian* for you. Otherwise, add some milk or drink it straight!

Tips: If you’re feeling fast an loose, run the stovetop gauntlet on the high burner for a fast extraction

Experiment with different starting temperatures in the bottom of the brewer for different flavours/intensity.

ethical coffee

Great coffees for Stovetop brewing

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