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It all started with coffee, and the disappointing lack of the good stuff.


We (Edith and Matt) start every morning with coffee.  And yea, the coffee was generally tasty but we wanted to extract more out of this quiet window of time before the hectic day kicks off. We asked ourselves, how can we turn the delivery of caffeine into an experience that is meaningful, delicious and worth sharing?


Brightside Coffee was the answer.


We wanted better, fresher, brighter, more ethical, and more sustainable coffee every day. Better coffee means better mornings and a great morning, means you’ll have an amazing day. The more amazing days we have, the better our lives are. So we did the most logical thing, and decided to start a coffee business focused on delivering amazing coffees to home baristas and home roasters all around Australia. Basically, we started a business so we had a good reason to buy as many amazing coffees as we could get our hands on for our coffee journey.


What’s the plan?


We think coffee should taste flippin’ amazing. Every time.

So to achieve this, we source only the highest grade specialty coffees from trusted sourcing partners who have a provable positive impact on the well-being of farmers and social outcomes at origin.

We want to share and participate in the story of the coffees, from origin to your home coffee bar.

Our coffees are grown by families and we want to share the stories of these families, and communities where the coffee comes from. Our coffees make their way into peoples homes to create great experiences we want to hear about.

Coffee preparation and roasting knowledge should be widely accessible.

We want to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences with anyone who wants to participate. To us, this means everyone can achieve a better and more meaningful coffee at home.

Contribute to the long term viability of coffee in our community and environment.

We are on the hunt for ways to support community projects in our home town and country, and well-being and sustainability projects at origin.

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